Workday Vs SAP

Workday and SAP, both are the leading management tools that provide a wide range of features like payroll, recruiting, learning and compensation to medium as well as large scale enterprises. Although both the software solutions hold its own dominating position in the market, here are the few points that makes…continue reading →

Deployment Approach – Workday

Workday offers its customers with an ecosystem of expert consultants and partners that uses a common methodology to ensure a successful deployment. The team of consultants offers an appropriate way for the transition from existing systems to system based on the organizational requirements. Workday offers number of education and training…continue reading →

Workday Unique Offering of HR and Finance

In today’s enterprise era, the major value driver is not only the inventory of the company but also the workforce of an organization in the form of talent. Thus it brings challenge for the organizations to get a unified finance and HR solution for talent-driven design. This challenge has emerged…continue reading →

Workday for Hospitality

Workday benefits the hospitality sector by providing a single architecture that can focus on profitability and customer service. The inexpensive customization can help in getting the organizations easily adapt to the changes in policies, organizational structures or more. Hospitality sector is highly dependent on guest satisfaction which is highly dependent…continue reading →

Professional Service Firms and Workday

Workday helps the professional services firms to quickly adapt to the changes in a highly competitive environment where the biggest challenges are continually increasing customer expectations, attracting new business, and hiring the best talent. The cloud based system helps in operating professional services on an innovative technology platform by providing…continue reading →

Benefits of Workday for Government

Various agencies from government sector are looking forward to the smart technology choices for low operating costs and expanding citizen relationships. Government sector has an added challenge of growing economic pressure as well as increasing citizen’s expectation. The administrative systems used by most of the government organizations were designed a…continue reading →

Workday for Retail

Retail sector has been facing immense challenges in recent years due to increasing competition, reduced margins and frequently changing customer expectations. To keep pace with the growing competition, retailers are required to work on their employees in the direction of hiring and getting them engaged in a proper way in…continue reading →

Workday for Insurance

Many of the organizations in the insurance sector have already improvised their system by introducing modern production systems but they have neglected the similar advancements in HR and finance department which has resulted in a chaos in the system due to manual handling, data silos and thus the insurers lack…continue reading →

Workday Talent Management

Workday provides a flexible and agile solution for managing complete talent transactions and to help in taking quick decisions. Workday helps in understanding the aspirations of the workforce in order to align them in the proper direction and then develop their skills accordingly.  Workday strategies help in hunting of the…continue reading →

Workday Professional Services Automation

Workday’s Professional Services Automation (PSA) helps in the efficient management of talent by aligning right talent in right direction for increasing the profitability and project efficiency. The automation services helps in managing the entire lifecycle of the project from workforce management, flexible billing to supporting self-service access across a single…continue reading →