Various agencies from government sector are looking forward to the smart technology choices for low operating costs and expanding citizen relationships. Government sector has an added challenge of growing economic pressure as well as increasing citizen’s expectation.

The administrative systems used by most of the government organizations were designed a way back and thus they have become outdated. These rigid and costly systems are not able to face the challenges of the transformations in public sector and are now obsolete. A seamless and user friendly experience across all the domains of procurement, recruitment, financials, and analytics is given by Workday in the form of its applications.

The benefits of getting an integrated system over cloud are that it makes the government agencies flexible to include more sophisticated capabilities like data analytics which helps in getting a better overview of the workforce. This helps HR professionals in the preparation of strategic reports for succession planning.

Earlier HR professionals were spending 80 percent of their time in handling payrolls, time management and similar kind of time-consuming tasks while only 20 percent of the time was utilized in strategic planning. Workday solutions helped the users in flipping the ratio and getting almost 70 percent of time engaged in strategic work.

Workday supports the government’s aims in achieving better efficiency in administrative processes. It has become crucial for the government agencies to employ an advanced workforce management tool as employees are getting eligible for retirement day by day. In order to make exit strategies and do succession planning, the agencies are supposed to decide on recruitment, training and filling vacancies.

Workday has developed an innovative and fresh cloud delivery model to reinvent the business applications for smooth functioning of government.

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