Workday offers its customers with an ecosystem of expert consultants and partners that uses a common methodology to ensure a successful deployment. The team of consultants offers an appropriate way for the transition from existing systems to system based on the organizational requirements.

Workday offers number of education and training programs to the right people for assist in successful delivery of applications.

  • Classroom training
  • On-demand Education
  • Virtual Classroom training
  • Workday adoption toolkits

Workday offers a series in the form of Framework of Success which consists of many post-deployment tools and resources that are available on Workday Community and are available for all the Workday customers as a part of their subscription. It basically consists of online presentations that assist the customers during production in order to help in understanding the roles and support organizations in framing structure. Apart from this there are Workday updates available on the community.

Workday Delivery Assurance is another premium service offered for the customers in which various experts and consultants from the ecosystem can assess the configurations and integrations during different stages of deployment cycle. This service helps in getting optimum benefit from the deployment process. The services offered are as under:

  • Plan Review – This offers the review of project plan in order to identify milestones and ensure that the plan is as per the Workday Accelerated Deployment Methodology.
  • Integration-Design Review- Initial integration design is reviewed in this service to ensure configuration as per the best services in mind.
  • Prototype Configuration Review – This service is executed before system testing in the form of evaluation of initial design and configuration. This exercise is performed to identify any kind of preliminary issues.
  • Integration Build Review – This includes the assessment of complete code and system configuration.
  • Final Configuration Review – This is the final evaluation of the design that will be taken to production.
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