Preparation for Workday Implementation

Change management plays a vital role in Workday Implementation. There is always a possibility that the software systems might fail, in case the changes were not done appropriately. Many large enterprises are adopting Workday applications by replacing their traditional ERP or HR processes. Implementation of a new tool into the…continue reading →

Transitioning from PeopleSoft to Workday

In any kind of conversion in the system and business processes, it is always a cumbersome task to accommodate with the changes as there is always some data difference in the two applications. A similar type of situation is required to be dealt with while migrating from PeopleSoft to Workday.…continue reading →

Workday for Healthcare

There has been a dramatic change in the healthcare industry in the recent years. Healthcare providers are constantly hunting for innovative technology solutions to meet the rising demands of the patients. And to keep pace with the continuous changes, many healthcare institutions are migrating to cloud driven enterprise in order…continue reading →

Workday Mobile Apps

To keep pace the digital revolution, consumers expect to stay up-to-date and have all the information at their fingertips round the clock. This trend of “always-on” has been embraced by Workday by designing the mobile applications where the Workday can be easily downloaded from play store. Three different mobile apps…continue reading →

Workday Financial Management Performance

Workday’s application of Financial Performance Management gives an edge to it customers as the tool can be easily used for reporting and analysis without replacing the underlying record accounting system of any organization. The cloud based financial system can be merged with the core accounting systems for better performance and…continue reading →

Workday Cloud Platform

With the new cloud platform, Workday is entering into Platform as a Service (PaaS) along with Software as a Service (SaaS). The main objective of developing a cloud platform is to design a tool for the users which they can use to manage and build their business applications. The applications…continue reading →

Workday Technology Services

Workday has made a number of innovations and developments in its technology services with time. The Technology services of Workday can be broadly categorized into three major domains: Transactions are primarily the processing of requests like any task or report that are generated by users. Every user has a single…continue reading →

Workday Data as Service

Data As A Service (DAAS) platform of Workday is a service that will offer the customers with more anonymized and aggregated data in the form of useful metrics and for better decision making and organizational performance. Workday Bench marking is one of the DaaS Services that is the only cloud…continue reading →

Workday Student

Workday Student is the collaboration of Workday with top educational institutes in order to address the requirements of higher education. This is the first cloud based application designed to bring the students and the institutions together on a single platform with the jobs and the employers. The application supports variety…continue reading →

Workday Security

As a result of extensive cloud computing, the security concerns related to data and information have risen over the time. Data privacy is not an add-on feature in the Workday applications while it is an embedded characteristic of Workday’s business model. For achieving the objective of data security, various strategies…continue reading →