Workday helps the professional services firms to quickly adapt to the changes in a highly competitive environment where the biggest challenges are continually increasing customer expectations, attracting new business, and hiring the best talent. The cloud based system helps in operating professional services on an innovative technology platform by providing better insights and easy integration with other business processes.

Workday helps the organizations to plan for their financial and workforce requirements by combining real time data and eliminating the complexity of manual spreadsheets. This helps the accounts department in getting accurate data in timely manner which means reduced errors and faster billing. The project managers can easily get the real time information for preparing accurate budget and the resource managers can find the workers for a project as per their skill set and availability. The employees from Professional services firms are always required to stay updated with latest technologies and business practices to accomplish the assignments. For achieving this, the employees must be equipped with the tools that can be accessed easily on demand. Workday provides a solution to this in the form of on-demand video capabilities.

Professional services must always have a comprehensive data of customers billing and project revenues in order to manage the finances. Workday supports the finance functionality of the firms by providing visibility to the global operations which helps in getting budget control and make real time finance decisions for better growth.

Workday provides an enhanced cloud based platform for the professional services firms to streamline the operations and create new capabilities for addressing the growing challenge and giving a competitive edge to prepare for a better future.

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