Retail sector has been facing immense challenges in recent years due to increasing competition, reduced margins and frequently changing customer expectations. To keep pace with the growing competition, retailers are required to work on their employees in the direction of hiring and getting them engaged in a proper way in order to deliver superior results. Also they must have the ability to quickly adapt to the changes. Workday provides the retailers with a cloud-based unified software solution that combines payroll, HR, planning, finance and analytics on a single platform so that they can focus more on profitability and growth.

The success of any retailer is highly dependent on the shopping experience of the customers which is highly impacted by the front-line managers and employees. Workday helps in the recruitment of right talent and then retaining them by nurturing the top performers. As the complete HR data is handled in one system, it is to get an insight to the workforce performance to strengthen their skills accordingly. Workday also provides mobile-based system to the retailers so the employees can engage themselves on the device of their choice and thus there is no risk of missed communications.

The automation process as well as self-service functionality helps in eliminating the manual processes to achieve customer satisfaction and improve operations. All the data from the corporate office and the stores can be handled in a single system which helps in appropriate allocation of resources and handling all processes associated with training, compensation and performance assessment.

The retailers from one of the esteemed organization Kohl’s comment on the application as an innovative foundation which helps in getting the right amount of data with the right people and at the right time to develop their workforce take better decisions and progress towards their business goals.

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