Workday’s Professional Services Automation (PSA) helps in the efficient management of talent by aligning right talent in right direction for increasing the profitability and project efficiency. The automation services helps in managing the entire lifecycle of the project from workforce management, flexible billing to supporting self-service access across a single cloud based platform.

Any successful professional firm is highly dependent on the quality of talent which can easily be managed with the help of Workday PSA. Managers can easily keep an eye on various factors like the recruitment of right candidate, skill development of existing employees, new challenge identification and promotions.

The major benefits of the automation services are as:
  • Efficient resource utilization, time tracking, project billing and management of expenses that can be done from any device and from anywhere.
  • Improved decision making across all the domains of finance, services and HR with embedded analytics and manageable data.
  • Streamlining of right talent in right direction.
  • Managing the project finances on one system by proper budget, forecast and bill.
  • Optimization of the project planning with built in forecasting reports.
  • Real time data can be accessed for consolidating project activities.
  • Developing flexible budgets for the projects by using the bottom-up and top-down approach.
  • Tracking the project progress and communicating the same within the team instantly.
  • Real time data on the progress of the project for better planning and reducing errors.
  • Reduction of attrition and improvement in staffing decisions.
  • Keeping the track of ongoing projects and upcoming assignments so that the employees can make the selection as per their choice.
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