Workday provides a flexible and agile solution for managing complete talent transactions and to help in taking quick decisions. Workday helps in understanding the aspirations of the workforce in order to align them in the proper direction and then develop their skills accordingly.  Workday strategies help in hunting of the best talent among the organizational workforce as it is the best place to do it. It provides a detailed insight to an employee’s performance including all relevant information regarding his last promotion, employee potential, retention risks and even recommends appropriate actions to be taken.

Workday helps in streamlining the personal goals of an employee with the organizational goals. It helps in the exchange of knowledge and information among the employees on a single platform. Workday mentorship helps in getting the employees more connected and engages to their work. Workers can also keep a track of their progress with the help of opportunity graphs which illustrates the time to time changes in job profile of an individual.

Workday helps an organization in getting the additional goals of an organizational appropriately defined and communicated to the employees through comment stream.  The configurable framework of the organization helps in conducting periodic and continuous performance review process on the workers as well as on employees. It helps the managers in plotting the workers according to the configuration rule by adjusting the workers according to their rating. The analytics help in getting the deeper analysis done for planning the successors in strategic positions. Succession planning is vital for long term progress and Workday strategies helps in the process by nominating appropriate candidate for the same and then monitor the effectiveness of the succession plan.

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