Workday and SAP, both are the leading management tools that provide a wide range of features like payroll, recruiting, learning and compensation to medium as well as large scale enterprises. Although both the software solutions hold its own dominating position in the market, here are the few points that makes Workday’s applications comparatively superior to SAP;

  • Workday offers complete package of HCM features for succession planning and performance management while SAP provides a solution to optimize the workforce.
  • Workday is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based model and is built on the platform of modern technology, usability and strong analytics while SAP is built on the old-architecture.
  • Workday works on the technology based on in-memory.
  • In Workday, companies can utilize analytics and big data to assess their work force while in SAP, there is an enterprise level solution that can scale down for even 200 employees.
  • Workday requires a partner network for deployment while SAP employs a delivery team to assess the requirements of every client and figure out a best solution for the companies.
  • Workday offers classroom, on-demand as well as virtual training while SAP training is provided by an education system which is led by an instructor. SAP also offers certification programs for its various modules.
  • Workday provides a premium Customer Support to its clients where a dedicated manager works with the client to provide appropriate solutions and apart from this there is a support team where the users can contact for queries. SAP support system offers a portal for users to communicate their queries or any kind of idea. SAP also gives its users a benefit of live chat.

The bottom line is Workday and SAP provides similar kind of benefits to its users in terms of features, training and customer support. In order to figure out a best solution for the organization, it depends on organizational goals and requirements.

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